Preview and Recover Deleted Files

As it scans the disk looking to recover deleted files, Recover My Files provides the ability to preview the contents of the files it finds during the search. This can be done both during the search and once the search has completed, meaning that you don’t have to wait for the scan to complete in order to recover deleted files that have already been located.

deleted file recovery imagePreview files as the scan proceeds

The search results can be displayed using different criteria to make it easier to check the results and locate particular files.

Selecting the Folder tab will display the file and folder structure of the search results. A folder can be expanded to show all the files within it and then clicking on individual files will display them in the preview pane. Selecting and saving files using the folder view will result in the folder structure of the saved files being replicated.

Selecting the File tab will list recovered files by their file type extension.

The Date tab allows files to be listed and located according to Creation, Modified or Accessed dates (selected at the bottom of the window).

The Find tab can be used one the search has been completed or stopped and can be used to refine the search results based on a number of criteria, making it easy to locate files accordingly.

recover deleted files display options Sort and Select the results as required

Save and Recover Deleted Files

Saving and recovering the deleted files that you want requires Recover My Files to be activated.

An activation key can be purchased through this website or by using the Buy Now button within the product. At the end of the purchase process your activation key is provided on the final webpage and is also sent to you by email.

The downloaded version of Recover My Files is fully functional with the save functionality included but disabled until a valid activation is entered.

Applying the activation key to the evaluation version will convert it to a fully licenced version and you can then continue using the software to save and recover deleted files. There is no need to download a new copy, or re-run the search. Recovered files displayed in the search results can be saved as soon as the activation key is entered.

Activation screen to recover deleted filesEnter the Activation Key and continue with the file recovery process uninterrupted

The recovered files must be saved to a different disk or storage media such as a second hard drive, USB memory drive, CD/DVD etc). It is not possible to save them back to the same disk as this would risk overwriting the very files you are trying to recover.

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