How to Recover Deleted Photos

deleted photo recovery exampleRecover My Files is capable of recovering a wide range of filetypes. This includes various photo, image and graphic file types such as .jpeg .jpg .crw and .raf image files for example as well as .bmp .gif .psp .eps .pcx .swf .tif and .tiff graphic filetypes etc.

Recover My Files has specific support for over 200 different filetypes including all the most common file extensions.

One of the most frequent causes of data loss is accidentally deleting photos from a camera card before they have been copied to a computer for storage. Often this is a case of deleting the wrong file, or sometimes performing an accidental reformat of the camera card.

As with most file and data recovery situations, what happens after that is crucial to being able to successfully recover deleted photos from memory card.

To increase the chances of recovering deleted photos, no further images should be saved on the camera’s memory card. Each additional photo that is taken after this point rapidly increases the danger of the image dat for the deleted files being overwritten on the card and lost forever.

If you don’t already own Recover My Files download a copy here onto your PC.

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Then connect the camera directly to the PC using a camera to USB cable (which usually comes with the camera when new). Alternatively, ensure the camera is switched off and remove the memory card from it and put it either directly into your PC’s card reader if it has one, or into a USB attached card reader.

Then run Recover My Files.

When the Recover My Files wizard starts, select the File Recovery option and click on Next.

It will then show you a list of all the disk drives and storage devices such as memory cards, usb attached devices etc. Select the appropriate device that you wish to recover deleted photos from and click on Next.

select drive to recover deleted files fromSelect the Device Containing the Deleted Photos

You then need to select a file recovery option. The recommended scan, “Search for deleted files”, will recover deleted photos in many cases. This is also the fastest scan. The results are displayed in a list. Clicking on a file in the list will generate an image in the preview window. If you can see your deleted photo image displayed there, then the file can be recovered and saved.

If you do not see your deleted images in the list then click “Start Recovery” in the top left corner and repeat the above process up to the point of selecting the file recovery option. This time select the second option which includes a search for selected “Lost File” types and click on Next.

Ensure that the particular file type you need to recover is included. Typically, the “Camera” file type option will include all likely photo file types. Then click on Next.

deleted photo filetype selectionSelect the Correct FileTypes


This scan is much more extensive and searches the device at a much lower level. It should produce more results but is also likely to take much longer to complete. You can view the list of files it finds as the scan progresses though and also preview the contents of individual files in the list. If you see the deleted photos that you want to recover, you can stop the scan and then proceed to recover and save your deleted files.

If your deleted file is a “Lost File” it will not have it’s original filename, but will be displayed as “LostFile-FileType_X”. When it is recovered and saved, you may wish to rename it.

Saving the recovered files requires the product to be fully licenced. This requires an activation key which can be purchased instantly using the Buy Online button in the product. Just cut and paste the activation key from the email or webpage displayed after the purchase process is complete and you can complete the recovery of your deleted photos without having to restart Recover My Files.

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Download Recover My Files now to recover deleted photos